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Hello people. For a couple of weeks I’ve been on building my family tree. Anyhow, the other day I was on it and I got a message about an ancestor I didn’t know about. His name was Methusius Yellow and it said that he was a famous explorer!

But here’s the exciting part. I’ve found out that my Great Uncle Yellow went on an expedition to find an ancient Lost Tribe of M&M’S®. Apparently, the M&M’S® Lost Tribe lived in a jungle somewhere. Most people thought they were a myth. But Great Uncle Methusius wanted to find out for sure. This is soooo exciting! I’m going to try to find out more about Great Uncle Yellow. But actually, here’s a photo of him that my friend found on Dr J.R And Flacker page! How cool.

Oh, I’m excited! Imagine if the M&M’S® Lost Tribe really do exist!

I kind of feel sorry for them if they are lost. I once got lost at the supermarket for hours. It was horrible. Miss Green found me in the dairy section.



Ps: Love is ok to say here, right? 

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