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Dr Schmeckleton Gave Me the Artefacts!


Good afternoon everybody!

Hey, do you all remember that email I got from Dr. JR Schmeckleton? Well… I went to visit him this afternoon to have a look at his collection of M&M’S® Lost Tribe artefacts! And guess what? He’s given them to me! Yeah…. They’re AMAZING! So I am going to bring them back and put them in the Fracture Gallery in Federation Square in Melbourne on Monday morning, so you can all have a look at them. But in the mean time, here is a pic of the mask he’s given me! This is soooo awesome.

By the way, Dr JR Schmeckleton’s house smells a little bit like moth balls… But I don’t see any moths… I wonder why that might be???

Yellow's got mail... EMAIL!!!

Hey fans!

You WILL NOT believe this! You know how Yellow M&M's® has been doing all this research about his Great Uncle the explorer, Methusius Yellow? Well anyway, this Dr Schmeckleton guy sent him an email to say that he KNOWS ABOUT METHUSIUS YELLOW! EEEEP! It's so exciting....


I just got a very strange, ah, email. It was from an Anthony Mapologist… Dr J.R Schmeckleton? He said he’d read my blog about Great Uncle Yellow and says he knows more about the M&M’S® Lost Tribe! This is beginning to be, ummmm… like…. Ummm I don’t know the word. But I’m feeling a little excited inside my nut...

There's more to me than my nut.


Hello people. For a couple of weeks I’ve been on building my family tree. Anyhow, the other day I was on it and I got a message about an ancestor I didn’t know about. His name was Methusius Yellow and it said that he was a famous explorer...

Welcome to the M&M'S Blog!

Well heeeellooooo folks. As you probably know, I’m full of brilliant ideas. And this blog is just one them. (I got other ideas, but they’re with my patent attorney and I can’t talk about ‘em here). So anyway, I had my people talk to Red’s people and his people talked to Miss Green’s people and what you’re reading is the result all those other people talking. Welcome to the M&M’S® Blog.

Our Very Own Blog!

Ohhhh, BLUEEE, this is amazing! It’s wilder than I imagined!

Anyhow, can’t wait to show all you guys my head shots!! A certain agent of mine is a bit angry about me putting them up, though...