Introducing Comedy Spotlight

Welcome to the M&M’S Comedy Spotlight. We’re shining a light on the rising comedy stars you may have missed - for a more inclusive comedy scene.



Introducing Comedy Spotlight

Meet the newest rising comedy stars you may have missed

Scout Boxall


Meet Scout Boxall, the tatt’d comedian with a soft spot for Eurovision and F1. You never know what you are going to get with this stand up comedian but it will probably be a bit out there. Whether Scout’s breaking into song or telling a story their outrageous humour will keep you coming back for more.

AJ Lamarque


Meet the daggy-pun and sassy-quip master, AJ Lamarque. AJ will make you laugh out loud with his tight jokes and charismatic charm. Hailing from London, with cultural roots across the globe, AJ celebrates his Mixed Raced identity through his humour and his Queerness through his fabulous hair.

Alexandra Hudson


Meet Alexandra Hudson the standup comedian tipping the non-disabled world on its head. Alex loves challenging conceptions about what disability is and what it means to be disabled, poking fun at her experiences as a disabled woman, living in a mostly non-disabled world. Alex hopes that she can show the disabled community that there is space for them in comedy.


Samantha Andrew

(she / her / hers )

Meet Samantha, a musical comedian and proud campaigner of females. From Depop romances to cruise ship folk, no subject is too weird for Samantha, as she brings the ultimate lols to our feed and stage. With ambitions for her own TV musical comedy special, Samantha is a rising star, who dreams of selling out the Arts Centre one day.

Toby Rozario

(he / him / his)

Meet Toby, a comedic content creator who grew to prominence during Melbourne's (not so funny) lockdowns, making the news funny. When Toby isn’t busy at his 9-5, he’s on the pulse of the breaking news - striving to grow his audience and keep us up to date with the latest news, in the funniest way possible.

Aurelia St Clair

(she / her / hers )

Meet Aurelia, a German-Cameroonian stand-up, content creator and proud dog mum. Always a class clown growing up, Aurelia now calls Melbourne home and dreams of performing onstage at the Melbourne Town Hall. Aurelia is most proud of her content that empowers women in the community.


Jim Rossington

(he / him / his)

Meet Jim, the hilarious content creator who found his authentic self in comedy, after acting straight for 18 years. Jim brings a fresh slapstick style comedy to our social feeds, with ambitions of one day making it to the big stage.

Jess Fuchs

(she / her / hers )

Meet Jess, an Aussie-Jewish comedian who explores her Jewish background through tales of living at home with her parents. From touring the world stage to our social feed, Jess dreams of bringing her funny family moments to the big screen in her own comedy special.


Joe White

(he / him / his)

Meet Joe, a former refugee who came to Australia from Ethiopia, and a bright rising star in the comedy scene. A natural storyteller, Joe candidly shares his family's hardships through humour in his stand-up shows, aspiring to be a household name.

Nathan Bezzina

(he / him / his)

Meet Nathan, a Fine Arts student by day and the youngest person to be featured in The Comedy Spotlight. Inspired by the absurdities of everyday life in Australia, Nathan creates his hilarious content by night, with ambitions to grow his audience and shed a light on the unsung heroes of our world.

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